Using Compass is Easy

Even though compass seems to be a pretty basic tool for navigation, many actually feel intimidated by it. It is quite normal as with any other tasks we undertake whether buying wholesale bathroom cabinets Texas, buying a new phone, or even cooking a new dish. So don’t feel bad about yourself. By the time you understood the fundamentals of using a compass, from which part to turn and why, everything will be easy.

Familiarizing with the Tool

A nice place to get started is by using a starter compass. This instrument serves as a nice introduction. The ideal tool for beginners come with the essentials which means, new users from children or even adults can start building their confidence and expand their knowledge.

Silva System is actually a simple method to learn how to combine the usage of topographic map and a compass.

Below is a quick step guide on how it can be used.

Step number 1. Small Steps

You might not be able to reach the destination you want to be from where you are right now. In this case, it is recommended to break down your journey to manageable steps. Set your compass on the map. The edge of base plate will serve as the line connecting your location to where you wish to be. This should let you draw a line along the edge like a ruler.

Step number 2. The North

The next thing you ought to do is to set your compass dial to the letter “N” and align it with your map. You should notice that your compass rose to indicate which way

Step number 3. Lay it Flat

Get the compass and lay it flat in front of you. Make sure that the travel arrow is pointing straight ahead. Rotate yourself while keeping an eye on to the needle. As soon as the red end lined up with the orienting arrow, that is when you stop. The direction of its travel arrow points exactly the direction of where you wish to go. look in the arrow’s direction and look for any landmark that stands out.