Games, a Threat to the Environment?


Over 40% of the world’s population play video games and they are part of our culture. From arcade games to today’s computers and consoles, our machines have come a long way with advances in technology, both in terms of graphic quality and performance. But in many cases, as our computers and consoles improve, they further pollute our vulnerable environment.


Physical Copy Games

Buying Physical Copy Games is very exciting. Nothing matches the feeling you get when you first see the title screen with a CD or floppy disk inserted into the console. But all good things come at a price. Unfortunately, playing CDs and floppy disks are difficult to recycle, and burning them produces many chemicals that are dangerous to our health and the environment. The landfill is also not a viable option, as its biodegradation is estimated to be over a million years. Some organizations are accepting to get the CD back for recycling.

The game box can be recycled, but it cannot actually be recycled. They are made from polypropylene 5, which can be reused to make other items such as auto parts and geotextile fibers. But the problem is that the major game box makers Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo are coloring the boxes in a very specific color. The color of the plastic cannot be removed, making it difficult to recycle. Items made of recycled polypropylene should be the same color as the original game box.



Video Game Streaming has only recently appeared on platforms such as Stadia. At this point, little is known about actual consumption and its environmental impact, but Stadia believes it is much less than a download. This is because game downloads always require many servers to store and send files while streaming theoretically requires only one system to store and stream all games or even sell csgo skins. Because there is no such thing. Some say streaming is the future of video games, but only the future is known.



Of course, this article is not intended to stop gambling, but only to draw attention to environmental protection. If all gamers become responsible and wise, they may be able to change the habits of game distributors, thereby reducing the environmental impact of the video game industry. If you want to know where to start, avoid downloading the game for hours, uninstalling it, and reinstalling it after a few weeks. I want to start over. When you uninstall the game, you are making sure you no longer want to play it for the benefit of our planet.