Recent Atmospheric Report Shows Warming Temperatures Changing Atmospheric Structures

The recent report released by National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) show that warming temperatures gradually change the Earth’s atmospheric structure. NCAR’s findings were gathered from decades of observations that exhibit how increasing temperatures have pushed the atmosphere’s top of its lowest level. up by 50m to 60m every ten years. The warming temperatures near the Earth’s surface have caused the rise and expansion of the lower atmosphere.

Greenhouse Gas Emissions Still Affecting the Earth’s Atmosphere

NCAR scientist and co-author of the study Bill Randel mentioned that the results provide an independent confirmation of the evidences of climate change. Evidences that point to greenhouse gases as the main reason why the Earth’s atmosphere has changed.
Tropopause or the atmospheric region where it divides the troposphere and stratosphere is rising, as have been established in previous scientific studies. This particular region is where commercial pilots usually fly in order to avoid turbulence, and it also has a significant part in severe thunderstorms.

Tropopause rise is not only caused by climate change but also because of the stratosphere’s falling temperature, which is linked to ozone depletion. Randel mentioned these occurrences as the two main methods by which humans had changed the atmosphere.
Greenhouse gases can still affect the height of tropopause gradually even if the global community has effectively imposed restrictions on chemicals that rise up and destroy the ozone layer.