Top Ten Greenest American States Emerging as Frontrunners in Battle vs. Climate Change

A number of states in the U.S. consistently emerge as the greenest because of statewide efforts to keep their communities and cities environment friendly and responsible. The list of Top Ten Greenest States annually provided by personal finance website Wallethub, provides details on the qualities that make those regions the greenest.

The greater significance of the all time list is that it shows, which American states continue to implement eco-friendly behaviors and policies as part of their continuing efforts to battle the effects of climate change. This, despite the fact that the country’s efforts to curtail the impact of climate change has encountered resistance from the present Trump administration.

Top Ten Greenest States that Continue to Address the Causes and Effects of Climate Change

Based on Wallethub’s list of greenest states, this article also names them as the foremost regions that continue to address the causes and effects of climate change. Vermont, consistently tops the list, while California, which years before had barely made it to the top ten list, is currently No. 7

1. Vermont
2. New York
3. Oregon
4. Connecticut
5. Minnesota
6. Massachusetts
7. California
8. Rhode Island
9. South Dakota
10. New Hampshire

President Donald Trump has made it clear that he is not a believer of global warming, and its effect on the environment. In fact in 2017, he disbanded the federal climate panel of the National Climate Assessment inter-agency created under the Global Change Research Act of 1990. It does not come as a surprise therefore that there are more “Blue States” identified as eco-friendly than the “Red States.”

Still, it is worth noting that some “Red States” like Wyoming, a solid supporter of the Republican Party, had emerged at the bottom of the environment-friendly list. Yet as far as impact on climate change is concerned, Wyoming ranks the highest in WalletHub’s assessment of U.S. states with the cleanest air.

On the other hand, California, which refuses to be identified as a “Red” or “Blue” State. was evaluated as having the worst air quality. However, it is not due to lack of effort in addressing its air pollution problems. The 2018 wildfires that occurred had burned almost two million acres of land and property, which sent huge plumes of fire smoke to the region’s already polluted atmosphere.

The point driven at here is that the U.S. territories named as greenest regions, are also the foremost in continuing the battle against climate change and other effects of global warming, This, despite the lack of federal support instigated by no less than the U.S. president himself.

Solidifying Commitment to the Paris Agreement via America’s Pledge on Climate Change

It is actually for this reason why California Governor Jerry Brown and former New York Mayor, billionaire-philanthropist Michael Bloomberg, organized the America’s Pledge on Climate Change movement. America’s Pledge is an initiative aimed at solidifying the country’s commitment to the UN’s Paris Agreement on reducing the country’s carbon emissions. To date, 20 of the 50 U. S. states, hundreds of cities and thousands of business entities have joined the movement.