Environmental Influences on Health


Clean air, clean drinking water, healthy nutrition, and intact nature are prerequisites for a healthy life. Therefore, environmental problems are also health problems. In addition to social conditions and personal lifestyles, environmental pollution is one of the most important factors affecting the health and life expectancy of the German people.


Relationship between environment and health

The way people live and produce, unlimited mobility, and enormous energy consumption around the world is not without their impact on the environment and thus on their health.

For example, intensive agriculture has a negative impact on the environment through the use of pesticides. Many flora and fauna species are declining or endangered. In addition, agriculture and ranches that use pesticides and fertilizers cause problems with soil and water.

Social and technological advances mean that people are exposed to harmful environmental impacts such as noise and air pollution. Global population growth in cities also causes health problems, for example, when infrastructure does not grow with it and sanitation deteriorates, for example, lack of drinking water and sewage systems.


Environmental protection is a health protection

Health hazards caused by environmental effects can generally be avoided as long as these effects can be avoided. The prerequisites for this are that the harmful effects are known and that environmental effects can be avoided through individual possibilities.

However, environmental pollution is unevenly distributed in society. Most studies show that people with low social status are more likely to be exposed to adverse environmental effects. Most importantly, it is likely to be affected by traffic-related health problems such as noise and air pollutants. This is evidenced, for example, by data from the Federal Environment Agency’s Environmental Report.


It is important to properly dispose of different types of waste to protect the environment

Under no circumstances should toxic or environmentally harmful waste, such as batteries, energy-saving lamps, or empty paint buckets, enter naturally. The local disposal company accepts hazardous waste. The use of harmful substances in household waste is not permitted. Small batteries and energy-saving lamps can also be sold at drug stores. Plastic packages are often inadvertently thrown into nature or on the street. Collecting them prevents plastics from polluting the soil and invading the ocean through rivers. Cigarette butts are also harmful to animals and nature. Using cleaning machines such as vacuums and leaf blowers can be helpful in cleaning our surroundings, visit to see more of the best electrical cleaning equipment that can be used in our environment.