Tips on how we can protect the environment together in everyday life


Many small environmentally friendly behaviors add up to a positive result for everyone.

Avoid packaging

High plastic consumption has a significant impact on the environment. Much of the packaging that you dispose of on a daily basis is completely superfluous. When shopping, make sure to buy fruit and vegetables in bulk or bring your own shopping bag from home or use reusable nets, which are already available in many markets. More and more supermarkets are now making it possible to have fresh goods packed directly into their own containers.

Buy sustainable drinks

You can also pay attention to sustainability when buying drinks: It is best to buy reusable bottles. Disposable bottles do not simply end up in the garbage but are recycled, but reusable bottles save 50% CO2 compared to disposable bottles through repeated use.

Reduce paper consumption

Saving plastic is good, just rethinking paper consumption is better. Because in addition to the raw materials wood and water, a lot of energy is required to manufacture paper. Saving paper is environmentally friendly and very easy. Therefore, always ask yourself what you really need to print out, use misprints as scratches. Wood fiber can be reused up to seven times today. Around two thirds less energy and water are required in production than fresh fiber paper.

Save energy and costs

Speaking of energy: You can also help protect the climate by saving electricity. It’s best to turn the heating down immediately. Just one degree less in all rooms saves at least five percent of the heating energy without reducing comfort. In the long run, it pays off for the environment and your wallet to always switch off appliances instead of using the standby function and to keep the washing machine and dishwasher running completely full. When you buy a new device, it’s important to choose the best energy efficiency class available for the sake of the environment.

Change more often

In order not to unnecessarily burden the environment with your travel behavior, you should think about which journeys you can switch from car to public transport or bike. You may use public transport if you need Boffinstatisticshelp. The climate is also happy about carpools. Flights, on the other hand, are poisonous for the climate balance.