Take Care of the Environment or Suffer

The Earth is our home. It is created for all the people to live. Most of the resources we use in our everyday lives come naturally from our planet. The question is, what can we contribute as the stewards of God’s creation? Why do we need to have a contribution? What will happen if we will no think of this planet that we are living in?

As stewards of God’s creation, the best contribution we can give ourselves,  everyone, and  Mother Earth, is to always think of the impacts of whatever we do and use. When we say think of the impacts, definitely what needs to be taken care of are those negative effects of our actions to our surroundings. It could be a simple wrong deed like throwing a trash anywhere. Using harmful beauty products or those that contain harsh chemicals.

It is essential for everyone to have a contribution because the welfare of our environment is also our welfare. What we show our fellowmen will definitely have a riffle effect.

Being a good role model absolutely helps. One should start the change from himself so others will reflect on the good deeds that are being shown. If no one will start the move to protect and take good care of the environment, we cannot expect the future generations, who will include our children’s children, to experience the satisfaction our environment is giving us today. It is a must to sustain the resources so that the following generations will be able to meet at least the basic needs.

Negligence will surely lead everyone to regrets. An immediate start will prevent all the people from experiencing the ‘nature’s call’, which is most of the time unpredictable but said to be the effect of humans caused the environment. Wrong actions cannot be eliminated through a شركة تنظيف منازل, it is obviously not that simple. So as early as now, think of several ways on how to contribute on saving the planet, and influence everyone to do the same thing.