Tips in Educating Younger Kids to Save Earth

Now that we are experiencing a pandemic, watching and reading day by day deaths on the news, staying at home, not being able to do the usual things we’re doing like work, kids not going to school, and so on. This has been a realization for some of us that Earth is teaching humanity a lesson.

This is indeed a borrowed home, Earth just plugged her emergency button to restore every little life she has left. That means a struggle for some people on Earth, and downplaying the big factories to stop releasing chemicals and gasses once more.

While we are all on this, this is also the perfect time to educate our children and younger kids in saving and loving mother Earth. With that here are our few tips below!

Let Them Play with Toys Less Packaging and Are Using Earth Friendly Materials

Have you ever explained to your child that the three arrows in the recycling symbol represent reduce, reuse, and recycle?

The amount of packaging used for typical toys is ridiculous, and a lot of it can’t be recycled. When you’re shopping for another child’s birthday party, let your child help you scout out gifts that have less packaging and that are made from recycled materials. It’s important that you stock stuff for age 7 boys toys that are earth-friendly.

Teach Them to Conserve Water

Place a measuring cup in the sink while your child is brushing her teeth, then show her how much water she used. Next time, have her turn off the water while she brushes so that she can compare her water usage. That will give her a visual idea of how much water she wastes when she leaves the sink running unnecessarily, which will encourage her to turn the water off in the future!

Encourage them to Plant Vegetables

Help your child plant and grow fruits, vegetables, and herbs in your backyard. Look for fun recipes to make with them when they’re ready, and have your child help cook them. He’ll be more likely to eat them—an added bonus!