The Significance of Learning Geography – Even From Video Games

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However, a lot of people, especially parents, disapprove of video games since they consider them as a fool’s errand or a waste of time, and for numerous educational specialists believe that these kinds of games could corrupt and spoil the brain. Media as well as some experts easily blame violent video games as the cause as to why a number of young individuals become violent, aggressive or do severe anti-social actions.  Nonetheless, numerous scientists as well as psychologists discovered that certain video games could actually be beneficial; the major one is making children (even adults) smart. In fact, certain video games may possibly teach higher level thinking skills to children as well as other facts and figures that could come in handy in the future.

Importance of Learning Geography

Geography, for instance, may seem unimportant to learn. However, learning geography, whether through video games, mobile apps or in the classroom, has its many benefits. In fact, geography is an extremely pertinent and significant of learning for any person. Here are a few of the numerous reasons as to why learning geography is crucial:

  • To have an understanding of rudimentary physical systems that have an effect on our day-to-day life, such as the water cycle, the relationship of the earth and sun, and currents in the ocean
  • To have the capacity to make levelheaded and conscious judgments and/or conclusions regarding matters that have to do with the relationships of the society and the physical environment
  • To be aware and familiar of the whereabouts of places and its physical as well as cultural characteristics so as to perform and act more efficiently and competently in our progressively codependent world
  • To comprehend the interdependence of the world and to grow into a knowledgeable and better citizen of the world
  • To have a mental map or picture of your area, province and/or nation as well as the world so as to recognize where places are and where certain events happen
  • To comprehend the geography of earlier times as well as how it has played and is still an crucial part in the people’s evolution, their thoughts and philosophies, and surroundings