Small changes can make a big impact: Bedroom tips and habits to change-up for a greener 2019

Meaningless as they may seem to us, small changes in our lifestyle can have great impacts to our planet. Here are small bedroom habits that can help you live a greener, healthier life.

Phone, laptop, & TV ban by 7 PM: What do your ancestors do for fun after 7?

Don’t let earth day be the only day where you decide to minimize your use of energy at home. After 7 PM turn off and unplug all electronic devices, by doing so you not only reduce your use of electricity but also gives you more time to explore other activities such as exercising, meditation, talking with your family/friends, self-assessment, drawing, or reading a book. Doing activities outside of the electronic world not only helps you to get to sleep earlier but also allows you to get away from the walls built up by the internet and social media, thus increasing your awareness of the real world and of the people that surround you.

Eyes shut, lights off by 10 PM: Work when the sun is up.

Switch your lights off before going to bed. Do not worry about your unfinished work, do it early in the morning when the sun is up, by doing so you can make use of the natural light from the sun and also reduce the amount of energy you consume, all the while having enough sleep to function more productively through-out the day.

Can’t get to sleep? Maybe the problem is your mattress? There is a wide range of eco-friendly mattresses (Best Mattresses 2019) to choose from. Remember to recycle or send your old mattress to a recycling facility when you do decide to change.

Get a Journal: Review and assess how much you spent for the day, how productive you were, what you have eaten, and how much waste you’ve consumed.

You can create a journal by binding together scrap paper from work or from school. Keep tabs on how much waste you’ve produced, how much you spent and on what materials you’ve spent it on, on what activities you’ve done and whether these activities would have positive impacts on you and on the environment. Doing so can help you have a proper summary of the things that you should continue doing and on the things that you should change. self-assessment is always important to help you grow as a person.

Small things matter: Always remember how our actions affect our planet.