Is Growing a Beard in Winter Good for the Environment?

As a bearded guy, there is definitely likely to be the odd occasion if you come to love getting grown that magnificent facial hair (you may visit to know more about beard growth). Can it be an unexpected blow from a stranger, even the more exciting launch of fresh tailor-made maintenance and styling product, or really when confronting extreme winter ailments?

We have certainly reached the time of the season so under we have emphasized some timely reasons why today, more than the decision to develop a beard (in case you have not already) might only be the ideal call.


If you have spent the vast majority of the year contemplating developing a beard felt too uncertain to commit for fear of being placed on the location of a rather noticeable shift in appearance, now is the opportunity to create the leap and go for it, placing any concerns and worries to bed at the procedure. It is no lie which the expansion procedure can be analyzed as it needs to become, but when your blossom has come into full fruition the outcome will speak for themselves and also you’ll be able to anticipate some new year feeling and looking you’re handsome.


Contrary to an excruciating itchy scarf you can not wait to take a blossom provides a gentle, soothing and warm embrace to a lower face which simply will not let go – and – mercifully can not unless forced with strands. The further relaxation a blossom provides compliments the confidence boost that may come out of growing and keeping one to your tee. Do only be certain it is trimmed and maintained appearing smart instead of becoming lazy and allow it to grow.


With more goods than available for decorative hair maintenance (and made by our specialist barbers) – beards have not ever had it even easier. Being a bearded guy in winter hasn’t been so comfy! Employ our bestselling Beard Moisturiser pre-party to get an increase of manly odor and to maintain these hairs as easy as you can to prevent any aggravation and possible rust – if you play your cards correctly.


You might be channeling iconic Egyptian British adventurers like Captain Robert Falcon Scott and Sir Ranulph Fiennes. You will rather be a ‘Kurt Russell at The Item’ type of man. In any event, beards ago, and present obviously means business when it has been confronted with expeditions, surroundings and frightening animals in the snow. So if you are researching afar or dashing into a store for this present five minutes until it shuts, you can make certain facial hair really will be assisting you to look a daring person of action.

Th question, is beard good for the environment? Let’s see.

Simply ask James Stanton-Cooke who, because of the previous two years, has employed his new beard to begin a dialog about conservation by hard the guys of Australia to allow their facial skin run rampant during winter, and then also increase capital to plant trees throughout the nation.

“Climate change is a struggle, like perhaps developing a beard might be challenging for many, but it is something we really have to conquer,” Stanton-Cooke explained.

Being a part of the remedy and also making an impact is crucial for your own effort.

“Fundamentally, it is just one million trees we would not have experienced if we did not begin this.”

“We have got to think big right now. It is only about being a responsible human for climate change,” Stanton-Cooke explained.

“I am not fond of razor blades it disturbs me and it disturbs the environment and I have always found my beard was a great way in a significant topic,” Stanton-Cooke told The Huffington Post Australia.

Launched in 2014 from Stanton-Cooke and his spouse, Jessica Clarke, BeardsOn is currently a 90-day campaign starting June 1, that encourages people “to get a beard on” using every $2 contributed moving towards an indigenous shrub planted at public green areas such as universities, councils, and public endeavors.

When they started they implanted 1000 trees, even the year after, 10,000 and also the goal this season? One thousand.

Quite a leap, but this year they have got a new strategy for the New South Wales premier, Mike Baird online board.

“We are not overly impressed with the total quantity of deforestation he is permitted to participate in so we are placing the challenge him hoping he could find a blossom and show us wrong,” Stanton-Cooke explained.

There has not been a reply from Baird’s office, even although it did not prevent Stanton-Cooke from going up to producing placards of different blossom designs that he considers could match Mr. Baird.

They’re calling for Mike Baird to receive his own “Baird” on.

“The thought was supposed to say if you can not grow a beard — you understand, being the greatest and most importantly — rather we will set the money we raise into him and find out whether he can fit it” Stanton-Cooke explained.

The goal would be set at $50,000. The two Stanton-Cooke and Clarke feel girls are crucial to the effort.

“We invite them to inform their boyfriends, spouse of a brother to ‘guy up’ into the struggle and of course they can make a donation, also.

“Instead, if a lady has a guy in her life who has had a beard for a while, we request that they create a fundraising goal that, if attained, means he must get rid of the beard.”

This is the situation for Stanton-Cooke, that attained his goal of 10,000 and stripped his beard off eight years this past year.

The duo, both educators who moonlight as enthusiastic activists said the notion of future generations growing up not able to view wildlife or reside on a secure world is seriously frightening.

Essentially, it’s just one million trees we would not have experienced if we did not begin this.