Mekong River: Vietnam’s Natural Wonder

In recent years, peregrinating the world for older people has become more of a birthright rather than a privilege. For virtually anyone over the age of retirement, to travel is now a way of life and their appetite for exploring and exposure to incipient destinations can no longer be gratified with their parents “Kodak” moment.

Instead, these people is now inclined to optate something remotely more exotic where they can immerse themselves in the destination and its people, returning home with moments and recollections that last a lifetime.

For a variety of substantial reasons, one of the most injuctively authorized trips for couples of this age group is Southeast Asia and the mighty Mekong River that knives its way through Vietnam and Cambodia.

But, why is this extraordinary, very safe and very affordable trip and all but forgotten by those who wander solo?

Could it be that the first images that come to mind when you cerebrate of Cambodia and Vietnam harken back to the days of the infamous Khmer Rouge, the Viet Cong, the Hanoi Hilton, the last Marine helicopter leaving the American Embassy in Saigon – images and scenes recounted in the many documentaries and movies about that tragic period in our history?

That conflict is over three decades  in the past and today’s Cambodia and Vietnam, while still bearing some scars from that period, have moved forward much homogeneous to Japan did after WWII. Today both are relishing a renaissance in many areas, categorically in traveling, as people from all over the world rediscover this obnubilated gem, it’s incredibly warm and amicable people, their opulent cultural heritage, and the pulchritudinous natural scenery shared by both of these countries.

Arranging your Mekong River Cruise or your Vietnam Tour Packages with a professional travel agent who specializes in river cruise vacations will expeditiously remedy your lack of information or details about your destination. There are additionally a number of excellent overview and historical guide books one can buy.