Planning Environment Friendly Landscaping

Homeowners want to have the perfect yard. Well, that’s true because we all want the best for our home. And while we think of “the best” we must also consider how this helps the environment or does this only help ruins it?

Basically, what you need to make sure is that it should be filled with shrubs and trees organized in a visually appealing manner. However, landscaping not only tends to be costly but also harmful to the environment — and that’s another fact but this shouldn’t be the case. Which is why we encourage you to take note of nature as you create and maintain your yard.

Creating an Environment-Friendly Landscape

Creating an environmentally-friendly landscape design is easier than you might think. The traditional landscape design includes large areas of turf, or grass, areas surrounded by well-manicured trees and shrubs. Unfortunately, this type of landscaping is not well-adapted to hotter, drier climates and requires large amounts of water and maintenance.

So here’s how you can start doing it…

The Landscaping Plan

If the design is largely about aesthetics, the landscaping plan is about the practical aspects. It describes how to make the design work and how to execute it.

There are a few different things that a good landscaping plan will need to be successful. We’ll talk about them below. 

1) Consider the Amount of Sun and Water

This means taking into consideration the amount of sun the yard gets and how much water it will receive and where the water will sit. These are practical considerations that you can’t get away from, especially if you want your greenery to thrive.

2) Use of Drainage

Drainage is imperative to any landscaping plan. You need to have the right kind of irrigation if you want anything to grow and flourish in your lawn, as I suggested earlier. But besides that, there’s also the issue of pooling water. You might end up with a mini-pond in your lawn right where you don’t want it, without proper drainage.

4) Examine Other Aspects

If you’re working with a professional landscaper, you can expect that he will examine all aspects of the yard to be landscaped before he begins working. That’s actually done to further improve your landscaping plan.

Will you need to level or hill up any areas?

Are the angles good as they are, or do they need a little help?

These kinds of things matter. They’re also the sorts of things that have to be investigated before finalizing a landscaping plan.  

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