5 North American Roads That Are Considered The Safest

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There are lots of ways to rate the “safest” road: lowest impaired driving rates, fewest total accidents, fewest injuries, fewest fatalities, safest urban roads, safest rural roads, etc. This is especially relevant when you ask towing companies which respond to road accidents year by year. Each measure gives a rather different ranking. We crunched the stats together to search out the safest roads overall, and here’s how it breaks down.

5 Safe Roads In North America


Nevada loves its Highway 15, and it shows. The beautifully maintained highway is one of the safest within the world, particularly due to the sunny Nevada weather that keeps rain and fog to an absolute minimum. Only impaired driving in Vegas keeps Nevada from being the safest place to drive within us.


As a practical state that loves its truck stops, Utah takes road safety seriously. Utah’s road infrastructure ranks among the simplest within the country. Even better, what has led to a bottom-basement impaired driving rate was the Mormon Church’s longstanding stance against fun. In Utah, the roads and drivers both setback, resulting in (depending on how you measure it) the second or third safest roads in America.


High infrastructure spending and low population density are what Wyoming benefits from. This state has fewer than 100 fatalities a year on its 7000 miles of roads, with few cars on the well-maintained highways.


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(Rural) Newfoundland

Canada has better national road safety than the US, for all varieties of reasons. First, keeping the roads and bridges in better shape, the infrastructure budget is higher across the board. Second, impaired driving rates are lower. Third, there’s plenty more space: wide-open freeways through rural areas. If there’s one thing Newfoundland has, it’s space. The second-lowest fatality per capita rate on this list is what this has led to.

One caveat though: while the agricultural roads are among the safest within the world, the urban streets don’t seem to be. Urban Newfoundland has one of the best impaired driving rates in Canada, so keep your eyes open when you’re rummaging town.


Ontario is, by any measure, the house of the safest roads in North America. Impaired driving rates are very cheap in Canada out and away, and fatalities, injuries, and accidents per capita are all much below in any province or state.

Ontario is even safer than the stats would indicate for truck drivers. We dug into the information and located that the bulk of fatalities occurs in major urban areas- about ¼ in Toronto alone! The highways, on the opposite hand, are incredibly safe. Good road maintenance and low impairment rates keep drivers safe even with Ontario’s terrible weather.