The Environment-Friendly Approach of Plastic Surgery

The market range of plastic surgery is continually increasing. Originally, from women aficionados, men and some of the teenage or even kids population are including in the list of plastic surgery enthusiasts. During the last ten years, plastic surgery grows around 3.5 billion dollar market in Europe.



And now, it started to dominate the United States. There are lots of clinics and medical groups that are performing this medical procedure. One of which is the plastic surgery tampa which has the same goal of restoring the natural appearance of the body.


The Need for Eco-Friendly Procedures


Basically, plastic surgery procedures are under the medical approach operation. This generally involves having medications of certain procedures such as the Botox or laser depilation. Medical procedures like these utilize more of artificial technology. However, the development of the market for environment-friendly procedures is on its way to ensure a lesser waste treatment. Further, this new environment-friendly approach in plastic surgery is like taking care of the environment as taking care of the skin.


Breast implants contain chemicals comprising freon and xylenes which show harmful effect within the human body.


Eco-friendly Surgery Methods


Most centers and organizations for plastic surgery place their drive to creating a “green” clinic. This applies particularly for those who focus on alternative treatment for skin care. And mostly, numerous mole removal solution with an environment-friendly ingredients are widely available.


Procedures for plastic surgery having an eco-friendly approach represent being well organized. However, some are lacking with balanced investigation and there are some that are still on the process of development. The following are ways in which plastic surgery centers are trying to do to develop their facilities:


  • Using paperless method of recording system
  • Furnishings out of recycled materials
  • Gear with eco-friendly energy star
  • Using glass doors and windows that allows the entry of natural lights


The process of making an environment friendly operating system is very commendable. However, that cannot assure the completeness of being “green” in the whole plastic surgery operation. There have been various claims and benefits for such eco-friendly approach. However, investigating the process would track that the methods are still incorporating and keeping the normal process of surgery. And this old process don’t really encourage the health of the environment.